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A self-described “veteran” parent of a son with ADHD, Penny Williams is the author of two books on parenting a child with ADHD, exposing the genuine grit of the moment-by-moment peaks and valleys of learning to successfully parent a child with ADHD. She is a frequent contributor on parenting and ADHD for ADDitude Magazine, Healthline, and other parenting and special needs publications. Her books are available through, Barnes and Noble, and other select retailers.

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  • "Read this well-written, empathetic book right away, feel less alone, and take away not only moral support but also valuable strategies for helping your child, yourself, and your family."
    Susan Caughman - Editor-in-Chief, ADDitude Magazine
  • "Boy Without Instructions reads like a novel, gripping the reader's interest with every page, every word. But Williams isn’t making up stories; she’s living them. She paints a painfully realistic picture of life with a child with ADHD."
    Terry Matlen - Author, Queen of Distraction
  • "If you have a child struggling to scribble between the lines of a ‘typical’ world expectation, this book could enliven your courage to draw new lines of adaption and acceptance for your child living with ADHD."
    Mantu Joshi - Author, The Resilient Parent
  • "This compassionate story will captivate your heart and feed your brain. A must read for all mothers (and fathers, too) of children with ADHD."
    Dr. Patricia Quinn - Author of over 20 books on ADHD
  • "We experience joy to agony and everything in between as Williams takes us on her informative, validating, cautionary, and bittersweet adventure."
    Elaine Taylor-Klaus - Co-founder, Impact ADHD
  • "In her blow-by-blow account of raising a child with ADHD, Williams confronts stigma and ensuing, enveloping guilt with heart-wrenching anecdotes and brutal honesty."
    "Chusy" - Sundance Award-Winning Writer and Director
  • "I suspect this book would have made me a better mother, had I had such a book 10 years ago."
    Katherine Ellison - Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist
  • "Williams talks about the science, but more importantly, she talks about the lived experience of having a child with ADHD and what you can do to make all of your lives better.”
    Ari Tuckman, PsyD - Author, Understand Your Brain, Get More Done
  • "Williams’ 9-month plan — a culmination of years of research, networking, and advocacy — moves parents step by step from bewilderment to competency and confidence."
    Kay Marner - Co-Editor, Easy to Love but Hard to Raise
  • "From diagnosis to the art of balancing expectations, self, and family, What to Expect leads you step-by-step through the unpredictable journey of parenting a child with ADHD."
    Medical Director of the Comprehensive ADHD Clinic at University of Illinois at Chicago - Dr. Marilyn Griffin
ADHD in Middle School

How ADHD Impacts Learning in Middle School

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Have you visited the new website,, yet? If not, scurry on over there (after you’ve finished looking around here).  This new website is a collaboration between 15 non-profits to support parents of kids with learning and attention issues. What I love most about this site is their simple, very easy to understand articles with […]

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Parenting ADHD: Mother of All Meltdowns

Parenting ADHD Kids: ADHD, Emotions and Meltdowns

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Mother of All Meltdowns: “My Son Tried to Hurt Himself” Sometimes a mom of a special needs child can offer only a safe haven and wait out her child’s emotional storms. (over on my Boy Without Instructions blog on It was a balmy March afternoon. My son, Ricochet, had not been in school for […]

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Twice-exceptional learners

Twice-Exceptional Learners: Top 4 things I wish others knew about giftedness and LDs

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The Top 4 Things I Wish People Knew About Twice-Exceptional Kids a guest post written by Linda Brooksbank 1. An individual can be smart and have learning challenges. Students who are academically or intellectually gifted can also have learning challenges, such as ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, OCD, anxiety, Asperger’s, etc. The common term for this is […]

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I love #oneof15M


15 million people in the United States have ADHD. I love one of them, and I bet you do too. CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) is a nonprofit that provides valuable and authoritative information to all affected by ADHD, as well as those in their communities, like schools, parents, and employers. As the […]

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